Athletic Mouthguards

2 years 10 months ago

To avoid injuries to your mouth while participating in sports talk to your dentist about a custom mouthguard. This is a flexible plastic or rubber appliance worn over your teeth to prevent tooth, gum, tongue, and jaw injuries. It can also help to prevent concussions by cushioning the collision between your teeth during impact. Any time you are playing a sport in which contact is possible a mouthguard is a good idea.

Several types of mouth guards exist. Stock mouthguards are inexpensive and available over-the-counter (OTC) for purchase. It offers little protection and little can be done to adjust the fit or comfort of the appliance. This type of guard is not considered adequate for facial protection. Mouth-formed mouthguards are also available OTC for purchase. One type contains a thin internal liner within a hard outer shell. A second type, known as boil and bite is a thermoplastic material the shapes to fit your teeth after being heated. These types of guards are more effecitve than stock but can be very bulky and sometimes loose. Custom mouthguards are the best available guard for injury prevention. These guards are superior in fit, form, retention, and protection because they are made from custom models of your actual teeth.  

Proper care can increase the life-expectancy of your mouthguard. Brush after each use with a toothbrush under cool water. Store in a well-ventilated storage case when not in use. Do not leave in any areas of extreme heat as this can cause distortion to the fit. Call your dentist if you have any concerns. For more information on mouthguards and other dental topics, visit

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